Reason 1 – The Villages…

…are GORGEOUS! They’re alive with people and if you’re lucky (there’s a pretty good chance actually) you’ll be passing through when there’s a festivity happening: wedding, house warming, local festival or special puja (ceremony) at one of the many monasteries. There’s a variety of buildings in each village that start to tell the story of the area: traditional wood/stone structures and newer concrete houses.

Reason 2 – This is Real Nepal, too

This is not to exclude all the other versions of Real Nepal, it’s a country of diversity and the Tamang Heritage Trail is such a great example of what’s happening in many other parts of Nepal’s mid hills.

You see the reality of life, there’s electricity and roads. And while we often reminisce about the old days of quaint, remote villages and mile upon mile of uninterrupted trekking trails, it’s hard to deny anyone the access to travel, healthcare and education that come with modernization. We aren’t here to decide what’s right or wrong, but experience what is. It’s all part of the story that you learn about on the way!

Reason 3 – The Mountains

The view are incredible in this area!

Reason 4 – The Walking

You really know you’re alive on this trek. It is characterized by big ups and big downs. For anyone wanting to spend some time in the hills doing some fairly strenuous walking but avoid going to high altitude, this is a great option!

In some parts we need to cross the road and walk on some sections, but mostly we’re walking on the small trails that locals use to get around.

Reason 5 – Access

This area is easily accessed by road from Kathmandu. Of course in typical Nepal fashion, the drive is part of the adventure. But this area is not typically effected by seasonal issues and is usually* accessible year-round.

There are plenty of ways to modify the trek too:

  • Include it with a trek to Langtang and/or Gosai Kunda
  • Do the trek in reverse and exit via the Ruby Valley and maybe mix it up with some mountain biking

Sounds ideal, right? Here are the details of the 7 day trek: button/link?

*this of course isn’t a guarantee as the weather does what the weather does