Himalayan Trails is committed to providing you with highly professional service and support for all aspects of your travel.

Himalayan Trails was created to add value to the operations of Highlander Trekking and Expeditions, a company established in 1994 by Mr Hari Dharel. We build on many years of experience in designing and operating treks and expeditions and in contributing in valued ways to the communities we work in. Himalayan Trails allows us to extend our services to offer cultural tours, multi adventure tours, biking, you name it.

Our team is dedicated and experienced and, as we all live in this part of the world and are passionate about it, we love to share it with our guests! The Himalayan region has touched the lives of every person on our team, from those of us who were born in the mountains, to those of us who were drawn here from other countries and simply can’t leave.

So we take great pleasure in exploring new places and designing new adventures for our guests so they too can share the joy of travel in this amazing region!

We are passionate about sharing our homeland and as passionate about protecting our amazing natural and cultural heritage. Our long and valued relationships in the areas we take you to ensure that your travel connects you with the places and the people; you will gain rare insight into the real lives of people of the Himalayas!