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Over the last 50 years there have been many changes to the Tibetan world but its staggeringly rich culture remains resilient and continues to fire the imagination of travellers around the world. Tibet is no longer the inaccessible land that it once was, and although by no means always five star comfortable, travel to the Roof of the World is richly rewarding and is well within the grasp of today’s adventurous traveller.

With so many incredible place to visit, how do you chose? You can rejoice in the physical world by visiting Everest Base Camp and combine it with exploring Lhasa, the heart and soul of Tibetan life. Or you can blend spirituality with incredible scenery by making the journey to Mt Kailash, the centre of the universe for Buddhists and Hindus and Lake Manasarovar, formed in the mind of Brahma.

Your overland journey can be combined with a mountain biking or trekking component to mix up the activity levels and see areas not possible by vehicle – let us know what you’d like to do and if it’s even remotely possible, then we’ll make it happen for you!
An amazing mountain flight over the highest mountain range in the world, three full days in the ‘Forbidden City’ of Lhasa, Everest North Face and more...

Departure: Kathmandu
Duration: 11 Days
Best season: April to October