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Mountain biking in Tibet is for the adventurous and the hardy! The roads are long and hard and the altitude is a force to be reckoned with, so is the wind!!! That being said, there is some seriously once-in-a-lifetime biking available in Tibet and our trips are designed to allow you to explore in depth, absorbing the scenery and culture, while undertaking the challenge of biking in this altitude and road conditions!

Your biking adventure can be combined with a trekking or a 4WD overland component to mix up the activity levels and cover some more distance – let us know what you’d like to do and if it’s even remotely possible, then we’ll make it happen for you!
24 days of pure biking adventure – this is THE classic ride with the world's highest mountain bike journey and the world’s longest downhill!

Departure: Kathmandu
Duration: 24 Days
Best season: September
Grade: Strenuous

In the far west of Tibet, in the province of Ngari and the land of the ‘drokpas’ or nomads of the high plateaus, sits the legendary Mount Kailash, or Kang Rimpoche (‘precious snow-peak’, as known by the Tibetans). Kailash, on 'the roof of the world', is the most sacred mountain in Asia, venerated by Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and followers of the ancient Bon religion. Tibetan and Hindu pilgrims have been making the 53km kora, or circuit, of Kailash for centuries. This circumambulation, clockwise for Buddhists and Hindus, and anti-clockwise followers of the ancient Bon religion, is said to erase the sins of a lifetime.

Duration:  28 Days
Best season: August
Grade: Strenuous

Nomads, Gompas and Villages of Central Tibet – Exploratory biking to get to know the real Tibet, well off the beaten track!

Departure: Kathmandu
Duration: 27 Days
Best season: September
Grade: Strenuous