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The Tibetan people are a very religious people. Bon is the oldest religion in Tibet, often seen as the original religion of Tibet. The origin of bon-religion isn't much known of. Bon and the Buddhism are very closely connected to each other. There are still many Tibetans who believe in Bon.

Tibet Buddhism, started in the Yarlung valley where the first civilization started in Tibet. Tibetan legends say that the first Tibetan Buddhist sculptures fell on the roof of Yumbulakhang in the third century. In those days there were a lot of conquests.

The 33th king of Tibet Songtsen Gampo was keen in conquering his neighbours. His armies ranged from northern India to the Tang Dynasty in China. In order to maintain peace with Tibetan king, Nepal and China offered their princess as brides to the king. China offered Princess Wen Cheng and Nepal offered Princess Bhrikuti and together with the queens Buddhism was introduced.