Very good support staff throughout. Personal touch and accommodating. All information provided in the pre trip briefing was on time and clear. Himalayan Trails were able to adjust and change plans to suit clients during the trip. The food options available were varied and we even tried local food along the way. Would do it all again!

 Gary Grant, Hong Kong

"Gary Grant completed an Action Asia Event supported by Himalayan Trails in 2011.”

Himalayan Trails provided thorough and professional pre-trip preparation, a knowledgeable guide, and a flexible itinerary for the actual trip.  My experience, both natural and cultural, was enhanced by their service.  Highly recommended.

 Brett Potash, USA

"Brett came on a trek with us to the Annapurna Circuit route in December 2010. Read all about his adventure below!"

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We embark on this journey together.
Dropped at the mouth of a great canyon
pinched by snow capped peaks we walk.

At our backs the wind assaults us with grit
scoured from the distant mountain valleys.
Carried downward by braided flowing ribbons
of light  freed after millennia frozen in time.

Day turns into night and into day and night
as  we trek through this magical land.
The sights and sounds, the aroma and tastes,
so different from home and yet so comforting.

The distant echo of bells, the heat of a sun
so much closer to our burning skin.
The dust of the earth trodden for a hundred generations.
These we absorb,  each of us affected in more ways then
there are stars In the moonless night sky

We will not return home the same.
Our frantic lives will forever be so slightly slowed
as we make room in our thoughts for this place and the people.
The people of Mustang have greeted and cared for us
as we wandered thru their mountain home.

Yes we will tell others of our journey.
There will be stories and photos,
but for those of us here, there is more,
So much more...

and together that is what we share and others can not.

Thank you for being here on this journey my friends.   Thank you....

Steve Kolodinsky, Canada

"Steve came on a trek to Upper Mustang with Mads in September/October 2010"