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This bazaar walk lets you explore the secret alleys and courtyards of old Kathmandu that many tourists don’t get to experience.

Departure: Kathmandu
Duration: 1 day
Best Season: October to March (possible all year round)

This Kathmandu bazaar walk gives you the chance to explore the secret alleys and courtyards, and learn about of the ancient city of Kathmandu. We begin by exploring the small alleyways, myriad of hidden temples belonging to Hinduism and Buddhism (in some cases, both!) and make our way through local bazaars of fruit, vegetables, spices and stunning wares made of brass, bronze and copper. Not only exotic produce, but a fascinating mix of people are everywhere; along with the brightly clad locals of the Kathmandu Valley, you’re likely to see ‘Gurkhas’, Sherpa women in their striped aprons, traders from India, and sadhus – Hindu holy men - perhaps on pilgrimage to one of the many temples and shrines of the valley.