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Escape the grind with a short getaway to a forest retreat in the mystical Kathmandu Valley.

Departure: Kathmandu
Duration: Relaxing long weekend
Best Season: October to March (Possible all year round)

While Kathmandu is well known for its vibrant street life, ancient temples and palace complexes, you can still find small traditional villages and ancient forests to explore, which transport you away from the grind to refresh your mind and body.

We invite you to relax and pamper yourself in your luxurious, family-friendly retreat, located in the age old remnant forest of Gokarna in the Kathmandu Valley. You can take your pick of relaxing by the pool, being pampered in the spa, enjoying a round of golf, refreshing walks in the ancient forest, or taking some longer excursions to explore the Kathmandu Valley.

Here is a suggestion for your getaway, but please contact us to tailor make the perfect experience for you!


Friday evening: Welcome to Kathmandu.
Saturday: Relax in your forest retreat – massage, spa, forest walks, golf
Sunday: Explore Kathmandu’s UNESCO Heritage Sites
Monday morning: We escort you to your flight, refreshed and ready for more!


Friday evening: You arrive in Kathmandu
We greet you at the airport and transfer you to your retreat at the Gokarna Forest Resort, where you relax and enjoy dinner in the stunning surroundings of the ancient forest.

Gokarna Forest Retreat
Gokarna Forest Resort is an understated but luxurious retreat located inside the stunning Gokarna forest, preserved for 500 years. It is a haven not only for yourself but for wildlife, plant species and birds. Your haven is reached by a winding road through the forest to the beautifully designed complex, comprising a mix of subtly majestic Malla period architecture, Rana period lodges, and sanctuaries harmoniously blending with nature. Further on exotic Forest View cottage rooms are set besides a century old restored Hunter's lodge.

Saturday: Relax!
Depending on your energy levels, you can do your relaxation by the pool, being pampered in the Harmony Spa, on the golf course, enjoying walks or picnics in the stunning forest, or all of these!
The walks are incredible as this ancient 700 acre forest, once the game reserve of the Kings of Nepal, is a haven for wildlife and birds. The forest also protects 6 ancient temples which you can visit.

Sunday: Explore!
We take you exploring the best of Kathmandu! This morning we will visit the famous Swayambunath Stupa, or Monkey Temple – a must-do experience for adults and children alike. Swayambunath Stupa is the most famous Buddhist shrine in Nepal, said to have been self-made and found when Manjushree cut a gorge into the lake filling the Kathmandu Valley, thus draining the lake and revealing the temple, perched high on its hill. These days Swayambunath is a vibrant and lively temple complex with brilliant views of the valley, visited by both Hindus and Buddhists.

This delightful visit can be followed by a delicious lunch and the stunning Garden of Dreams – a restored Rana Palace where kids can run around and you can relax over a drink and refuel the body!
The afternoon can be filled either with shopping in the lively and fun-filled bazaars of Thamel and Asan, or a visit to the Kathmandu Durbar Square (old Royal Palace Complex).

Both Swayambunath Stupa and the Durbar Square are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, two of a total of 7 in the Valley! If you wish to explore more of these, we would be delighted to arrange it for you.

Located in a hilltop above Kathmandu, this Buddhist Stupa is said to be 2000 years old and is one of Nepal’s most important Buddhist sanctuaries. The oldest inscription discovered dates back to the 5th century and refers to the founding of a monastery.
The Stupa which forms the main structure is composed of a solid hemisphere of brick and earth supporting a lofty conical spire capped by a pinnacle of copper gilt. Painted on the four sided base of the spire are the all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. The whole hill is a mosaic of small Chaityas (memorials) and temples and it is one of the only places that you can see the Stupa, Pagoda and Shikar style of temple. It is a sacred Buddhist place of worship, but it is also holy to Hindus and you can also find Hindu shrines here – a fine illustration of the religious tolerance found in Nepal.

Kathmandu Durbar (palace) Square and its array of temples are overlooked by the Hanuman Dhoka Palace, the ancient palace of the Nepalese Royalty. Also known as Kantipur, this is one of the three ancient cities of the Kathmandu Valley, the others being in Patan and Bhaktapur. Inside the Durbar Square complex we will visit the residence and temple of the Living Goddess; we will also see the Kasthamandap, the impressive resting place from which the name ‘Kathmandu’ is said to have come and which is said to be made from the timber of a single tree.

Monday morning:
We escort you to your flight, refreshed and ready for more!