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Our cultural tours in Nepal are designed to give you the most in depth and authentic cultural exploration of this amazing country! Nepal is a treasure trove of ancient historical and religious sites, with 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley alone! Nepal is a place that holds people in thrall; the splendour of the natural environment, with every landscape from the highest mountain in the world to lush tropical jungles with tigers! This natural diversity is matched by the cultural diversity, with Nepal being home to over 60 different ethnic groups, each with their own language, dress, food and architecture! Come and see why people just can’t get enough of Nepal and come back time and time again to learn more about the fascinating landscapes and cultures.

We have designed a range of tour lengths and activity levels in an effort to provide a great trip for each person’s available time, area of interest and preferred pace. For example, we can throw in options for more or less walking and for rafting to speed it up a bit and mix up the activities, and we can also provide for village stays to slow it down a bit and get a more in depth feel for culture and daily life of Nepal. While we have designed some great trips, as with all our tour categories, if you don’t see the trip you are dreaming up, then please contact us and we’d love to help you make it happen!