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Do dress conservatively at Indian beaches. This is especially true for women: Much of Indian society is very conservative, and normal Western beach attire may send a strong, though unintended, signal. Attacks on foreign women have occurred, especially in Kerala State.

Don't try to sneak into temples and mosques that forbid non-Hindus or non-Muslims.

Don't be surprised if you are frequently the centre of attention when travelling around the country. Staring unabashedly is not the social taboo in India that it is in Western countries.

Do carry toilet paper with you (or adjust to the Indian habit of using water instead), but don't throw it down the toilet without first checking to see if there's a basket to put it in (pipes in India are very narrow and clog easily).

Don't give in to children who ask for "just one rupee." Although a rupee is a small amount that anyone can spare, successful begging leads young children to drop out of school and take up panhandling as their trade.

Do walk around stupas clockwise, so that the outer walls are always on your right. If you encounter a stone wall covered with Tibetan inscriptions, do the same: Walk past with the wall on your right (and don't take any of the stones!).

Don't step over other people's feet (or any other part of their body). By the same token, don't pat children on the head and don't sit with your feet pointing at someone (especially toward a monk or lama) - both practices are considered insulting.