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Great things to shop for include colourful masks, hand-woven bamboo items, wood carvings, stamps (great collector’s items), silver, silk and bronzes. Handmade paper products, Buddhist paintings and religious thangkas are also popular items.

It’s best not to purchase antiques as they will not be allowed out of the country. One of the local specialties is, of course, the traditional clothing; Kira for women and Gho for men.

Markets are held regularly, generally on Saturday and Sunday, and are a rich source of local clothing and jewellery, as well as foodstuffs.

The handicraft emporium on the main street in Thimphu is open daily except Sunday and offers a magnificent assortment of hand-woven and handcrafted goods.

Silversmiths and goldsmiths in the Thimphu Valley are able to make handcrafted articles to order.

Shopping is otherwise limited and bargaining is not customary.

Shopping Hours

Mon-Sun 0800-2000 for most shops.