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The Kingdom of Bhutan lies towards the eastern extreme of the Himalayan Range, between the Tibet Autonomous Region to the north and India to the south, southwest and east. Other neighbours include Nepal to the west, Bangladesh to the south, both separated by small stretches of Indian territory. Bhutan is a very compact, landlocked nation, with just a small bit more length than width and a size of approximate 46,500 square kilometres.

The Himalayas dominate the north of the country, where many mountain peaks reach seven thousand metres. Further south, the highlands are the most populous part of the nation, with the capital of Thimphu lying in the western highlands. This region is characterized by its many rivers, the isolated river valleys that house most of the population, and the expansive forests that cover seventy percent of the nation. The extreme southern strip of the nation consists mostly of tropical plains, more typical of India. It is largely agricultural land, producing mostly rice. Only two percent of Bhutan is arable land, with most of it found in this southern strip.


Official Name: Kingdom of Bhutan
Capital:          Thimphu
Population:     716,896 (CIA world factbook, July 2012 est.)
Languages:     Dzongkha (official), Nepali, English and numerous regional languages
Main Religions: Buddhism, some Hinduism
Time Zone:     6 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+6 GMT). Daylight Saving Time is not observed
Voltage Requirements: 220 Volts
Telephone Code: 975, country code